Health Information

There is a wealth of information on the internet regarding your health care and your rights.. Please check out the following links.

Heart Health 
For information on your heart, cholesterol and prevention of heart attacks. In the search box, type in cholesterol or type in heart attack etc.

Smoking Cessation & Quitline
For information on how to give up smoking and to get nicotine replacement.

Alcohol Advice Centre
For information on appropriate use of alcohol and recommended intake levels.

Breast Screening 
Information on breast screening in New Zealand.

Cervical Screening
Information on the cervical screening programme.

Family Planning
For information regarding contraception and family planning.

For information regarding vaccines in New Zealand.

Drug Information
For information on medications and vaccines in New Zealand, go to this website and type in the name of the drug in the search box. This is a New Zealand based website made for New Zealanders.

Depression and Mental Health

Men’s Health link 1 & link 2
Excellent  information for men regarding their general health.

Information from, Information from the Mayo clinic for Erectile dysfunction/Impotence etc.      

Breast Cancer 


For information on registered Doctors in New Zealand as well as who to contact should you have any concerns.

Medical Council of New Zealand

College of General Practitioners

Health & Disability Commissioner
For information on patient rights and who to contact should you have any concerns.

Family Planning
For information on contraception and sexual health.

Pregnancy issues  Screening in pregnancy,  diet and lifestyle in pregnancy

Information can also be obtained from the information pamphlets at the clinic