Skin Checks

The skin is often neglected when it comes to medical care. Many spots can end up being skin cancers but many spots can end up being normal! We have a nurse led skin clinic which is available by appointment for our enrolled patients (regrettably this service is currently not available to visitors/casual patients). Here the Clinical Nurse Specialist (who has a Diploma of Dermoscopy from the Skin Cancer College Australasia) will do a full body skin exam and check for any suspicious lesions. We find these clinics are safer as more time is devoted to the skin and the skin only. This clinic was specifically developed by the practice. This clinic has been the recipient of two awards, the Hawkes Bay Health Awards 2012 winner of “Excellence in Clinical Practice Award” and the 2013 “Winner of International Nurses Day Award for Innovation and Support in a Practice Setting“.

Dr Michael Koch is also an Accredited doctor with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia.  This means that he has proven skills and knowledge in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer. Please ring and make an appointment to see Dr Koch.  There is a charge for this service.

We highly recommend all people use this service,but it is especially important if you have had evidence of skin cancers, melanomas or squamous cell carcinomas – even if it was done through the hospital system. We also recommend this clinic if you are worried about spots or lesions, even if you’ve seen your GP or other staff about them. Appointments are 30 minutes long, and appointments are necessary.

If you do have an appointment, please be aware that sometimes photos need to be taken (your permission is required though). These are kept in your medical records and are needed when a comparison is required. We also ask that you wear no make-up. Staff will be required to professionally look over your whole body, so it may mean encroaching into your personal space. This can be daunting but it is necessary.


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